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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 24 – 27

Published Friday February 24

…Schellville would the inferno reach? As far as Sonoma? If 2.6 million gallons of LPG exploded,…

The nineteenth century was not a fine era for avoiding Giant Powder Company explosions. Hopefully, Sonoma will have better luck with its open-air storage of incendiaries.

City Council is causing hysteria

EDITOR: Sonoma needs the federal funds plus grants necessary to operate the county. The brand new President did not say he was going after working, law-abiding Hispanic folks. So I find it totally out of line that the Sonoma City Council is even discussing this (“Council to Discuss ‘Sanctuary,’” Feb. 21) and causing more hysteria among our community.

We are all worried of terrorists and most of us are glad the President is taking steps to protect all of us.

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