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Death By Unga Bunga have strong opinions on pizza, play SF next week

Published Wednesday March 1

Photo: Thebaybridged

By Carla Bova | Tue Feb 28 Tue Feb 28 0 Comments

Death By Unga Bunga is alive and kicking. Drum kicking, that is, along with guitar screaming, crowd surfing and rowdily pounding out garage-rock, power-pop tunes.

The industrious five-man band turned out 3 releases last year and set out on tour this year from its homeland of Norway. The group, known for raucous live performances, will play its first-ever show in San Francisco at the Elbo Room March 8.

“We like to scare people, I like to think,” remarked lead singer Sebastian Ulstad Olsen. “We do the rock show in a very not conventional way. We like to be a lot in the audience while we play and it gets pretty crazy.”

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