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Separated by time and space, long-lost sisters find each other 60 years later

Published Tuesday March 7

Photo: Eastbaytimes

DISCOVERY BAY — A DNA test was the missing link that brought 2 women, living on opposite sides of the country, to find that they were long lost sisters.

Linda Burns, 66, of Discovery Bay was contacted on Facebook by the daughter of Evamaria Kinner, 61, of Decaturville, Tenn., in Oct of 2015 and was asked if she was the daughter of Bronis Yakovanis.

She was and the Facebook chat she was having was no longer with a stranger, but now it was with that person niece.

They connected through the DNA test, but also through a somewhat weird name: Yakovanis.

When Kinner called Burns for the 1st time in 2015, it didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable.

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